Diamond & Aquamarine ring

Jewellery Maintenance Tips

All jewellery should be checked yearly for wear and tear. Insurance valuations need to be updated every two years.

Ring wear & tear

Ring shanks get thin on the palm side over the years and will eventually break. A new half shank can be fitted at a fraction of the cost of a new ring.

Close and constant contact with another ring will wear down the gallery which runs on either side of the ring. This wear is unavoidable and will eventually necessitate remounting.

Scratched stones

Constantly banging the ring off hard surfaces or keeping jewellery jumbled up together in a jewellery box can lead to the scratching of gemstones. However, a stone can be removed from its setting, re polished and reset.

Be careful with pearls

Avoid perfume or hairspray near them. Don’t let them get scratched by other jewellery in a jewellery box. Pearls need regular restringing and should be knotted between each pearl.


Clean your gem set jewellery regularly. Dirt building up behind a stone could cause it to eventually pop out. A commercial cleaner like our DAZZLE DROPS is the best, but a soft toothbrush and fairy liquid with hot water will do as well.